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If you are considering a company or personal Website, I will visit and discuss your requirements, and advise you of the best options available to you.

For example, do you require to advertise products on the site? or is it more of a way to have a presence for your business on the World Wide Web, perhaps you want a way to distribute literature, or images portraying your goods, or services, or a way to display your prices to your customers.

A useful tool on a site is the inclusion of a Blog, a way for you to keep people abreast of your current news, or as a way of distributing information.

Sites are created using industry standard software, or can be created with iWeb, a software supplied with every new Mac, so you can personally control the site after it is created, thereby substantially cutting down on the site maintenance costs.

Why not call me to discuss your Website, a personal domain for your business can cost less than you think.

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